Accelerating progress towards gender equality in the workplace

Equileap is the leading research organisation on gender equality in the workplace, with a mission to accelerate change, by evaluating companies on gender equality criteria and making rankings and tools available to companies and investors. We maintain a database of over 3,000 public companies from the 23 developed countries and are uniquely positioned to examine the topics of gender equality.

We encourage private and institutional investors to diversify their portfolios with a unique set of data on gender balance in leadership and workforce, equal compensation & work life balance, as well as policies promoting gender equality.

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Equileap Data & Scores

Over 3,000 companies in 23 countries ranked on gender equality based on 19 criteria

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Global report & ranking, in-depth company reports and white papers on specific topics

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Gender Equality Indices

A family of five indices designed to be used as benchmark or underlying of financial products

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Research has proven the impact of gender equality both on companies and economies’ finances

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