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Equileap Gender Equality Global Report

(2017 Edition)

• The Global Report is comprised of the Top 200 companies, insights per sector and country as well as key findings on gender equality.

• Equileap ranked over 3,000 companies based on 19 criteria covering leadership, career development, work-life balance, equal pay, family leave, as well as health & safety.

• The top 5 companies leading the field in terms of gender equality in 2017 are :

Rank Company Country Group
1 L’Oreal France Cosmetics & Toileteries
2 Pearson United Kingdom Media
3 National Austrialia Bank Australia Banks
4 Sodexo France Food Service
5 BTG United Kingdom Pharmaceuticals

Gender Equality Company Reports

Detailed company reports are available upon requests. They are comprised of an in-depth analysis of each company compared to its sector, country and counterparts based on Equileap’s 19 gender equality criteria.

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Equileap Gender Database

• Equileap gathered the most comprehensive corporate data on gender equality, by investigating manually over 3,000 companies in 23 developed countries.

• This unique Database was built in collaboration with the Sustainable Finance Group at Maastricht University, headed by Prof . R . Bauer & P . Smeets.

• The Scorecard is the methodology used to rank companies based on 19 gender equity criteria and inspired by the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles .

Research has proven the impact of gender equality on companies and economies’ finances.

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