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Equileap Gender Equality Indices

(EQUAL Indices)

A Family of Indices (Global, US, North American and Europe) was designed to track leading companies in terms of gender equality, and is used both as benchmarks and underlyings of financial products.
Components are selected based on standard liquidity criteria, an ESG screening and Equileap’s in-depth gender screening.

• Uniqueness : All existing gender products are only looking at % of women at the board or top positions and most are US only.

• Double impact : Any net profits from the licensing of the Indices and the data will go to the Equileap Foundation, helping women and girls in developing countries.

• Performance: The Indices performs slightly better than their respective benchmarks, with a smart beta added value, the gender equality screening.

Equileap Gender Equality Global Report

(2017 Edition)

Equileap ranked over 3,000 companies in 23 countries based on 19 criteria covering leadership, career development, work-life balance, equal pay, family leave, health & safety.

• The 2017 Best Performers are L’Oreal (France), Pearson (United Kingdom), and National Australia Bank (Australia).

• The Top 5 countries are Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and the UK, as they have a higher percentage of companies making it to the Top 200.

• The Top 3 sectors are Communications (11% of companies in this sector make it to the Top 200), followed by Financial and Utilities (9% each.)

Gender Equality Company Reports

Detailed company reports are available upon requests. They are comprised of an in-depth analysis of each company compared to its sector, country and counterparts based on Equileap’s 19 gender equality criteria.

Research has proven the significant impact of gender equality on companies and economies’ finances.

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