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EQUILEAP LOGO / in colour and high resolution (84 KB, JPG)

The Equileap logo type should always appear with the minimum area of clear space around it. It is essential that it remains free of any other graphics, taglines, identities or photography. To ensure lisibility, the Equileap logo should never be distorted

EQUILEAP LOGO / in black & white and high resolution (64KB, JPG)

This black & white version of the Equileap logo should only be used on black&white material which will never be printed in color. For all other purposes, please use the Equileap logo in color.

DIANA VAN MAASDIJK, Co-Founder and CEO, Equileap (13KB, JPG)

Previously Head of Philanthropy Advice at ABN-AMRO Private Banking and Director of Development and Communications at Mama Cash. Should you need a colour version, please contact info@equileap.org.

JO ANDREWS, Co-Founder and Director of Social Impact, Equileap (11KB, JPG)

Previously Director of the Ariadne Network and Founding Director of the Sigrid Rausing Trust

DIANA VAN MAASDIJK & JO ANDREWS, Co-Founders, Equileap (2,197KB, JPG)

EQUILEAP STAMP / in colour and high resolution (49KB, PNG)

This Stamp can be used by the Top 200 companies ranked by Equileap in its 2017 Global Report on all their communications material, both print & online. This Stamp is valid until the 2018 Global Report & Ranking is published. Journalists are also allowed to used this Stamp to illustrate an article mentioning Equileap. Should you need an EPS or AI format, please contact info@equileap.org.

EQUILEAP GRAPHIC / Social Impact Program (218KB, JPG)

This Graphic presents the Social Impact Program of Equileap Foundation, including its priorities, focus areas, actions, beneficiaries, partners and locations.

EQUILEAP GRAPHIC / Theory of Change (209KB, JPG)

This Graphic introduces the Theory of change, or how to aim towards greater economic empowerment for women and girls.

EQUILEAP GRAPHIC / Structure & Activities (243KB, JPG)

This Graphic presents the structure of Equileap and the activities of its two entities, the non-profit company Equileap Investment Support Services and the Equileap Foundation.

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