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We support private and institutional investors with a unique set of data and a variety of tools that can be used for engagement, positive selection, and negative screening with a gender equality lens.

Data & Scores

Equileap gathers data on over 3,000 companies in 23 developed countries. Companies are then ranked on gender equality based on 19 criteria, since 2011 until now. Data is available for licensing to investment professionals willing to screen existing portfolios or create new products. Some of our clients below:

Equileap Gender Equality Indices

We designed a Family of five indices with Solactive, which can be used as benchmark or underlying of financial products. The Family covers US, North America, Europe, Global and Top 100 indices. Some of our clients below.

It’s not just good for society though, companies embracing equality tend to perform better too.

Clarisse Djabbari Deputy Head of Lyxor ETFs & Indexing

Some of the investment funds following Equileap Indices:

Evolve ETFs

Lyxor ETFs

Lyxor Global Gender Equality ETF (ELLE) listed in Lux in Nov 2017


UBS Global Gender Equality ETF (GENDER) listed in SIX in Jan 2018

Global and Company Reports

Equileap publishes a Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking annually with the Top 200 companies and insights per country / sector as well as in depth Company Reports which are updated throughout the year.

Research has proven the significant impact of gender equality on companies and economies’ finances.

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