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Company Reports

• Standard Company Report, available for the Top 200 companies: analysis of each company’s overall performance in terms of gender equality relative to its sector and country, based on our 19 criteria.

• LEAP Company Report: a bespoke report on any company or portfolio of companies requested with a specific focus of improving company performance through the Equileap Improvement Strategy. It also encompasses an action plan with recommendations for improvement and implementation.

Indices & Data

A Family of Indices (Global, US and Europe) was designed to track leading companies in terms of gender equality. Components are selected based on standard liquidity criteria, an ESG screening and Equileap’s in-depth gender screening.

• Financial Products: The Equileap Gender Equality Indices, designed with Solactive, can be used either as a benchmark or underlying of financial products, from ETFs to structured products.

• Portfolio: The data gathered by Equileap on 3,048 companies based on 19 criteria can be licensed to portfolio managers willing to integrate some of it in the construction of their portfolio, to bring a gender equality screen to their investments

Workshops & Speakers

• Equileap organizes regularly bespoke workshops and training seminars, tailored to each company’s needs, with the aim of creating a gender balanced workplace.

• Book one of our Experts on Gender Equality or Gender Impact Investing for a dedicated keynote speech.

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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