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In the News 10/12/2018 - 30 sci-tech leaders we’ll be following in 2019 Silicon Republic (Ireland) Our annual rundown of the key voices in sci-tech to watch in 2019 begins with those leading innovative teams and diverse ways of thinking. From high-profile business leaders to thought leaders with fresh ideas worth learning from, these are

In the News 2017

In the News 15/12/2017 - Égalité femmes-hommes : les entreprises s'engagent APECRH (France) Poussées par la loi, certaines sociétés ont néanmoins fait des progrès considérables en matière d’égalité. Trois d’entre elles arrivent même dans le Top 5 et dix dans le Top 50 du classement sur l’égalité femmes hommes publié en avril par Equileap, une organisation

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Company Reports • Standard Company Report, available for the Top 200 companies: analysis of each company’s overall performance in terms of gender equality relative to its sector and country, based on our 19 criteria. • LEAP Company Report: a bespoke report on any company or portfolio of companies requested with a specific focus of improving


Products We support private and institutional investors with unique data and indices to build financial products with a gender lens. Equileap Gender Equality Data Equileap gathers data on over 3,000 companies in 23 developed countries. Companies are then ranked on gender equality based on 19 criteria, from 2011 to the present day. Data can be


In the News 18/06/2020 - El Ibex 35, 'bronce' en igualdad de género pero debe mejorar la representación de la mujer en los consejos El Economista (Spain), by Cristina Cándido Dentro de los criterios ESG (medio ambiente, sostenibilidad y buen gobierno), que los inversores suelen tener en cuenta, la igualdad de género ha sido uno