We provide publications based on our research to increase gender awareness and support companies in their good practices.

2019 Gender Equality in the U.S., Assessing 100 leading companies on workplace equality including healthcare benefits, published 19 February 2019

The Special Report provides key data and insights on gender equality in the United States

  • General Motors is the only leading US company with no gender pay gap
  • No company achieves gender balance at all levels – board, executive, management, workforce
  • A vast majority (71%) of US companies now have an anti-sexual harassment policy in place

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2018 Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking, Equileap, published 4 October 2018

The annual Report & Ranking presents the Top 200 companies globally, insights per country and sector, as well as key findings on gender equality.

  • The Top 5 companies are General Motors (USA), L’Oreal (FR), Kering (FR), Merck and Co (USA) and StarHub (SING)
  • Companies in Israel, Norway and Belgium have the highest average scores for gender equality
  • The Technology sector has seen the biggest improvement of any sector in 2018
  • 28 companies in the Top 200 have published data showing that they have no overall gender pay gap

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Bridging the gap, What governments, companies and investors can do for gender pay parity, by Dr Elli Siapkidou, Paola Marko & Sally Keogh, Equileap, published 22 May 2018

This Paper provides a detailed analysis of what can be done to advance gender pay parity at legal, corporate and investment levels. It offers definitions of both the gender pay gap and equal pay for equal work. The Paper summarises the reasons behind today’s inequalities and what kind of legislation and corporate practices have been implemented in different countries so far. Some of the key findings are listed below.

  • Lack of transparency is the main obstacle to gender pay parity
  • 86% of companies do not communicate on pay inequalities
  • Only 4.5% of companies report having no pay gap

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2017 Edition of the Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking, Equileap, published 11 April 2017

The Global Report updated annually is presenting the Top 200 companies globally, insights per country and sector as well as key findings on gender equality. Some of the key findings are listed below.

  • Best Performers are: L’Oreal (FR), Pearson (UK), National Australia Bank (AU), Sodexo (FR) and BTG (UK).
  • The Top 5 countries are Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and the UK.
  • The Top 3 sectors are Communications, followed by Financial and Utilities.

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Equileap provides Services to employers willing to take a leap towards gender equality within their companies. We organise bespoke workshops and training seminars, tailored to the needs of our clients.

Diana van Maasdijk and Jo Andrews, the two co-founders of Equileap, have also been speaking at multiple conferences on gender equality in Europe and North America.

Equileap also organise regularly dedicated events on gender equality with leading experts in London and Amsterdam.

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Research has proven the impact of gender equality on companies and economies’ finances.

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